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Dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.
Lynn Frank Baum
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The key to a successful website is not the flash graphics and beautiful backgrounds. It must be well written, grammatically correct and a keyword rich experience. It must represent your brand, tell your story, and grab the reader quickly and hold on.

Most web readers scan the page content seeking out keywords that tell the story. In less than 2 minutes they will decide whether to explore your site or move on. 

The most important information on your site should be
above the fold and easily understood. It also has to meet the needs of the ever changing search engine algorithms in order to be easily found and not penalized. It has to represent you and your brand, the products, information or services you offer.
Dare to Dream Productions is owned by Kathy Quan who is an award-winning published author and blogger. She has written for many popular websites such as About.com, Monster.com and American Nurse Today, the official blog for the American Nurses Association. 

Kathy has extensive experience in web copywriting, editing, web design and strong SEO skills in a variety of fields such as health care, engineering, self-help and real estate. If you have a web designer already, Kathy can provide you with SEO/keyword rich web copywriting to complete your project. Kathy can help you to design your site to compete and win on today's Internet. Using the principals of KISS, she can help you to choose a design that highlights your brand and products or services without competing with them. 

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